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We are self-reliant. We save money. We fight waste.
Together, we can fix it all, our whole world, one car at a time.
We are Fixers.
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We have the right to fix the things we own, and we are dedicated to helping others do just that. Help us get the Declaration of Repair Independence posted in every garage in the world!
declaration of repair independence
Products shall be designed so that they can last longer and be repaired.
II Product owners shall have the right to repair themselves, or to choose their own repair technician.
III Product owners shall have access to affordable and safe repair parts.
IV Full access to repair documentation, instructions, and tools is an inalienable right of product ownership.
We shall promote education about repair as it fosters creativity, innovation, and independence.
VI We shall encourage repair as it strengthens our social fabric across communities and generations.
VII To preserve our planet's limited natural resources, we shall repair the things we own.