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Your internal combustion engine needs a way to start, and your electrical, charging, and starting components in your car, such as the starter motor, allow it to do so. The starter motor contains parts called the Bendix and brushes that allow it to transfer the energy. The brushes can become burned over time and can fail to transfer the energy while the Bendix can become greasy and not be able to start the gears. Before thinking about doing a DIY project try inspecting the wiring as it can at the time be the core problem. If you're a beginner DIYer, consider purchasing your replacing parts and asking your local mechanic do do the installation.  

Common questions about diagnosing and replacing electrical, charging and starting parts:

Electrical, Charging & Starting

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What is the role of the alternator?

Most modern cars have what's called an alternator that allows you to charge the battery to power your electrical system.

How do I detect and fix electrical problems?

There are many alternator parts, such as the alternator bracket, that work together to allow other parts to function so looking for early symptoms such as flickering dashboard lights, dimmed headlights, or general electrical malfunctioning could be the result of a faulty alternator. Your voltage regulator is a part that plays an important role nearby the alternator that allows it to turn on and off. If the voltage inside the battery falls below a certain point, there are sensors set in place that sends a signal, using the voltage regulator, to allow a surge of electricity to be sent from the battery.

Your starter motor is another vital part that interacts with the starter solenoid that receives and passes a large current of electricity. The purpose of this part is to allow the engine to begin its rotation until the internal combustion process can begin doing the work.

Like many moving parts, the starter motor, also faces problems of wear and tear and from time to time needs to be replaced.

Whether it is the battery cut-off switch or the starter motor in your car we have the aftermarket parts you are looking for. Not only that but we also have some of the best car support when it comes to choosing the right parts you need for fitment.
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