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AlternatorMOTORCRAFT - GL-520RM


Warranty : 24 months, Unlimited miles

Marketing-property : Part Information: All alternators meet significant performance and durability test standards; performance testing includes: grueling in-vehicle testing that equates to 10-years/150,000 miles of normal use, emc-tested to ensure no electrical interference with other vehicle systems, key life testing to the equivalent of 100,000 miles to ensure durability; tested for 1080 hours at 176 degrees f; 100% performance and insulation tested to 600 volts; high temperature operation-tested to 110 degrees f or higher; thermal cycling tested for 100 cycles from -40 degrees c to 115 degrees c; high-speed spin tested to ensure durability; vibration tested to monitor signs of mechanical degradation; corrosion resistance tested to ensure alternator integrity and function is maintained in harsh under-hood conditions; 100% end of line performance tested., Part Information: ALL ALTERNATORS MEET SIGNIFICANT PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY TEST STANDARDS.; PERFORMANCE TESTING INCLUDES: GRUELING IN-VEHICLE TESTING THAT EQUATES TO 10-YEARS/150,000 MILES OF NORMAL USE, EMC-TESTED TO ENSURE NO ELECTRICAL INTERFERENCE WITH OTHER VEHICLE SYSTEMS, KEY LIFE TESTING TO THE EQUIVALENT OF 100,000 MILES TO ENSURE DURABILITY; TESTED FOR 1080 HOURS AT 176 DEGREES F; 100% PERFORMANCE AND INSULATION TESTED TO 600 VOLTS; HIGH TEMPERATURE OPERATION-TESTED TO 110 DEGREES F OR HIGHER; THERMAL CYCLING TESTED FOR 100 CYCLES FROM -40 DEGREES C TO 115 DEGREES C; HIGH-SPEED SPIN TESTED TO ENSURE DURABILITY; VIBRATION TESTED TO MONITOR SIGNS OF MECHANICAL DEGRADATION.; CORROSION RESISTANCE TESTED TO ENSURE ALTERNATOR INTEGRITY AND FUNCTION IS MAINTAINED IN HARSH UNDER-HOOD CONDITIONS.; 100% END OF LINE PERFORMANCE TESTED., Part Information: THE ONLY PARTS RECOMMENDED BY FORD MOTOR COMPANY FOR FORD, LINCOLN, AND MERCURY VEHICLES.; DUAL INTERNAL COOLING FANS HELP PROVIDE RELIABILITY AT EXTREME TEMPERATURES.; REMOTE BATTERY SENSING CLOSELY MONITORS VOLTAGE TO HELP MAXIMIZE BATTERY LIFE.; FAILURE MODE EFFECTS MANAGEMENT (FMEM) PROVIDES EARLY WARNING OF POTENTIAL CHARGING SYSTEM PROBLEMS.; SLIP RINGS AND BRUSHES ARE DESIGNED FOR REDUCED WEAR, CONTRIBUTING TO LONG SERVICE LIFE.; SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR EACH APPLICATION, PULLEYS ARE PRE-SHIMMED AND ALIGNED WITH THE SAME ALTERNATOR AS THE ONE INSTALLED AT THE FACTORY; CORROSION-RESISTANT FINISH ON EXTERNAL COMPONENTS DESIGNED FOR EACH APPLICATION; SURE FIT AND EASY INSTALLATION., Warranty Information: 24-MONTH/UNLIMITED MILEAGE LIMITED WARRANTY; BACKED BY A 24-MONTH/UNLIMITED MILEAGE LIMITED WARRANTY, WHICH INCLUDES PARTS AND LABOR COSTS AND IS SUPPORTED NATIONWIDE BY FORD AND LINCOLN DEALERS AND FORD AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS (SEE SELLER FOR LIMITED WARRANTY DETAILS)., Warranty Information: Backed by a 24-month/unlimited mileage Limited Warranty., Part Information: The only parts recommended by Ford Motor Company for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles; dual internal cooling fans help provide reliability at extreme temperatures; remote battery sensing closely monitors voltage to help maximize battery life; failure mode effects management (fmem) provides early warning of potential charging system problems; slip rings and brushes are designed for reduced wear, contributing to long service life; specifically designed for each application, pulleys are pre-shimmed and aligned with the same alternator as the one installed at the factory; corrosion-resistant finish on external components designed for each application; sure fit and easy installation., Part Description: ALTERNATOR ASY


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