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Disc Brake Pad SetAKEBONO - EUR779


Country of Origin : United States

Product Line : EURO

Marketing-property : Part Information: Akebono Brake Corporation, the originators of ceramic brake technology and the original equipment brand of choice installed, in-total on more than 270 models. North Americas leading supplier of advanced brake technology; is a leader in advanced brake and friction material development and production, with a focus on noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) analysis and control. The Akebono Group operates technical/RD centers in Japan, the United States and France, with many wholly owned or affiliated manufacturing facilities worldwide. For more information, visit, Part Description: Akebono EURO Ultra Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Kit, Country of Origin (Primary): US, Application Summary: Chrysler Crossfire 2007-2004, Mercedes-Benz C230 2000-1999, C230 2005-2002, C240 2005-2001, C280 2000-1998, SLK230 2004-1998, SLK280 2008-2006, SLK300 2011-2009, SLK320 2004-2001, Item Level GTIN: 00821726103604, Description: Akebono EUR779 Disc Brake Pad Kit, Warranty Information: EURO Ultra-Premium Disc Brake Pads, designed formulated to address the needs of European car owners: optimal performance, cleanliness rotor compatibility. They are environmentally friendly satisfy 2021 low copper content regulations., Part Description: Disc Brake Pad Kit


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